Our Clinical Team

Bob Draeger, Retired

Robert Draeger, LPO, CPO, Cped


Russell Boone, BOCP, LP-AR Owner

Russell Boone, BOCP, LP-AR


Brent White
Brent White, PT, CP, BOCO, LP
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Ryan Adams, LPO
Michelle Cole, CPO, LPO
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Jesse Rettele, CPO, LPO
Jake Dougherty, CPO, LPO
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Mark Kirchner, CPO, LPO
Jeremy Sherman,MS, CPO, LPO
Mario Marinez, Cped
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Preston Boone, CPed
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Chris Ehrhardt, CPed
Bud Bronkhorst, CO, LO

I came in last year. A fairly new amputee. Lost, frustrated in pain. With very bad prostheses that did not fit. Not knowing a single thing to do after leg cut off, staples out and given this thing I could not use. A year and one revision with support team later I am happy. I might not even have much of a limp after too my PT noticed first walk with walker yesterday after. They take care of you. Check on you and do not just build you what you need and tell you to go figure it out on your own. Brent and Derrick are Awesome!!!!
-S. Rawis-DeMaya

I have NEVER been treated with anything but respect and kindness. I have never felt like an imposition just because my appointment ran a little late. New Life treats me as a person and not just another patient. Jesse Rettele is the head Prosthetist and he is always extremely professional and a man with immense integrity.
-T. Hellyar

I Dont usually go out of my way to right reviews on a person. But I believe you have a person working for u that deserves a little extra recognition. His name is Mark Pitambersingh. I was very skeptical about wearing a brace at first. Mark took the time to explain The benefits of wearing my brace. And makes me feel comfortable about wearing it. He also went out of his way to design something I liked looking at... Made sure it was comfortable. And worked for my daily grind. Today him and his staff got me in on short notice and did some adjustments to my brace that helped me tremendously. The staff at this location are always friendly and greet me with a smile. I always feel welcome and comfortable no matter what. Great people. Great service. These ppl are definitely making a difference in the world. Thanks again
- J. Tipton

Love love, love the personal attention that I have received since day one. Big thanks to Mark n Chris!
— D. Copaus Ford

My daughter started her journey with AFOs 12 years ago with Bob. She was 2 and he carefully fitted her little feet perfectly. He has taken good care of her over the years and we are grateful for his expertise and kindness with our girl. Highly recommend them!
- J. Morrow Abram