Adult Orthotics

Our staff of board-certified practitioners are sensitive to every individual's unique needs.We incorporate our expertise, with the latest materials and techniques, to provide the quality orthotic care you expect. These services can be provided at our office, hospitals, convalescent facilities, doctor's offices and client's homes.

We perform periodic checkups forĀ custom madeĀ Orthotics to ensure their devices continue to fit and function well. We provide state-of-the-art rehabilitative orthotic devices, quality restorative orthotic care and the highest level of patient-focused service. We strive to improve the functional outcome of every patient.

Our custom fabrication and adjustment facilities ensure our patients are served better & faster whenever an off the shelf device doesn't fulfill their needs. We use cutting-edge technology to custom design and custom fabricate a wide range of orthotic devices to correct deformities or improve the function of a weakened extremity.

Orthotic devices pave the road towards strength, balance, comfort and independence.

Other types of orthotics